Simplifying tax processes, money back to your account!

Retrieve paid taxes quickly, transparently and returned directly to the account.

Simplificando processos tributários
Sem custo inicial, soluções completas pedidos administrativos

No upfront cost, complete solutions, administrative orders, 100% secure, +1200 customers, what more do you need to be our customer?

Did you know, that social organizations and companies can recover PIS, COFINS and INSS from the last 5 years?

Whoever is a Salix tax customer has the complete solutions in the refunds on the side.

Captação de recursos através da restituição tributária

Social Organizations

Fundraising through tax refunds is the best way for charities

We all know that the Third Sector is a great partner of society, and has tax exemptions that are unique for this segment, such as PIS taxes on payroll and INSS Patronal.


Your profit could be in the tax refund. Have you ever thought about it?

Transparency and Speed. Discover our refund services for companies.

Seu lucro, pode estar restituição de tributos. Já pensou nisso!
A restituição é sua e o trabalho é nosso.

Restitution simulation

The refund is yours and the job is ours. Do you want to know how much you have to receive?

The refund simulator will demonstrate for free an estimate of retrieved values.


Hello. Accountants, Lawyers and Self-Employed Professionals

For you, an accountant, lawyer or self-employed professional, we have the ideal partnership model.

Alô. Contadores, Advogados e Profissionais liberais
A restituição é sua e o trabalho é nosso. São poucos cliques e depois é só aguardar

Complete, simple and secure

The refund is yours and the job is ours. It's a few clicks and then just wait

Liquid and sure, 360° solution and less than 5 clicks are words that are part of our daily lives.

Have you heard about #supercashback these are the values
that Salix Tributária has already repaid:

R$ 51.806.646,29

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